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The Future Leaders International Undergraduate Program 

Under the call of International Cooperation focuses on finding country-to-country collaboration opportunities to support international development, from the Second Belt & Road Forum in Beijing, on April 26th, Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management, together with other 13 partners, officially launched the “Future Leaders” International Undergraduate Program at a ceremony in Beijing. Rotterdam School of Management, as one of the founding schools, will see students from 14 top-tier international business school partners around the world will spend the first two years of their undergraduate education at their home university and join the Guanghua School of Management for their third and fourth years of study. Our NSRI, as a research platform of BRI, will be one of the key stakeholders, contributing to such a dialogue themed “Re-imagining Global Education”, celebrating the role of global education in fostering the future leaders to navigate the challenges of “new globalization”.


The first cohort of international students of this program will arrive in Beijing in Fall 2020.



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