Identitat Global Forum 2o2o -DAVOS


Time: Jan. 21st, 2020, morning 

Location: Davos on Promenade 61, during Davos WEF

Organizer: Identitat Global Forum & Swiss-Asian Chamber of Commerce 

# Caspian Week  @ Davos WEF Week


Theme: BRI and the New World Order in a Paradoxical World  

This world has been undergoing at a multilevel fundamental change with four major pairs of paradoxical forces, 

(1) sustainable development vision but still running on running unsustainable economic development model

(2) integration and equality vision but the emergence of populism and nationalism

(3) openness and globalization vision but protectionism and trade conflicts 

(4) technology progress  and embracement of AI but technology infringement among firms and countries

Though the United Nations has provided an ideological forces of  17 Sustainable Development Goals to guide human being’s activities from economic, business,  political, educational perspectives throughout these paradoxes, how shall we call and lead the world into a thoughtful and sustainable path, and in particular how shall we integrate our world into a true one, positively fulfilling example Swiss-Sino Relationship and European-Sino relationship?  On the morning of Jan. 21st 2019, Identitat Global Forum, collaborating with the Swiss-Asian Chamber of Commerce and Caspian Week will organize two panels in Davos, discussing with 10 thought leaders on the theme of Belt Road Initiative and the New World Order in a Paradoxical World. 


Panel 1: 9:00-10:30  Integration and equality v.s. populism and nationalism; sustainable development v.s. an unsustainable economic development model


  1. LI Aimin: CEO of China Railway Electrification Engineering Group

  2. Chia Pun Kok: strategic data-expert, currently a partner of Sequoia Capital. Former president of Alibaba  Group Data Committee 

  3. Yun Cheng, Lavin president, executive president of Fosun Fashion Group, deputy financial director of Fosun International 

  4. Carmen Walker Späh, Head of Canton Zurich, Switzerland  

  5. Urs Lustenberger. Chairman of Swiss-Asian Chamber of Commerce  

Panel 2: 10:45-12:15 openness and globalization v.s. protectionism and the trade conflicts; technological progress and embracement of technologies v.s. technology infringement among firms and countries.


  1. Florian Tucher, Chairman of EUTEC 

  2. Peter Voser, Chairman and CEO of ABB 

  3. XIANG Bing. Professor and Founding Dean of CKGSB   

  4. Lt Gen Asim Saleem Bajwa, three-star general, Chairman of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Authority. 

  5. Marie-Gabrielle Ineichen-Fleisch, Secretary of State seco 

  6. Ying Zhang: Professor of Erasmus University Rotterdam, Chairwoman of New Silk Road Institute.  

The whole week's Program is updated daily at this moment.