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Joint Action Initiative to Meet Global Challenges and Build Community with a Shared Future for Mankind

We have but one planet in the universe that we call home. Public health security is a common challenge that we all face, and major infectious diseases are common enemies of mankind. It is upon us as nations of the world that we all join hands to create closer international cooperation and stronger solidarity necessary for the fight against the pandemic.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, major progress has been made in the prevention and control of the pandemic in some countries, China included, which has earned time and valuable experience for other countries to deal with the pandemic. We appreciate the openness, transparency and responsibility of China and other countries for sharing information, knowledge and experience on the virus, without any reservation and in a swift and timely manner, with the WHO and the rest of the world, and have actively engaged in international cooperation in fighting the pandemic, and have brought hope and confidence for the world on the final victory over the virus.

As we speak, the COVID-19 pandemic is still spreading rapidly around the world, posing grave challenges for all countries. The virus knows no border and pandemic knows no race. No country can afford to stand by and watch or try to face the challenge alone. In the light of this major public health crisis, it is even more imperative and important that we build a community with a shared future for mankind.

Since its establishment in 2017, the Silk Road NGO Cooperation Network (SIRONET) has been committed to giving full play to the unique features and strengths of NGOs, facilitating exchanges and cooperation, and promoting win-win cooperation and common prosperity among countries along the Belt and Road. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, SIRONET members have provided various forms of medical aid to and shared anti-pandemic experience with their partners in the most affected countries.

To further address the current challenges, we propose four initiatives:

First, we call on all countries, especially countries along the Belt and Road to enhance cooperation. Mankind is a community with a shared future. Solidarity and cooperation shall be the most powerful weapon in the fight against COVID-19, attach utmost importance to providing medical and psychological help to people affected, and resolutely fighting and marching in step against this pandemic so as to raise the wellbeing of people all over the world.

Second, we call on civil society of all countries, especially countries along the Belt and Road to strengthen international cooperation in fighting the pandemic, share expertise and experience in a timely manner and promote cooperation in the medical field. We call on all countries to give full play to the role of civil society and grassroots organizations and volunteers, especially in providing material, technical and other support to developing countries and other countries in need. We have launched the Joint Action for Defeating COVID-19 within the framework of the Silk Road Community Building Initiative, adn promoted online experience sharing about COVID-19 control. We welcome the participation of NGOs from various countries, especially members of SIRONET.

Third, we firmly oppose the politicalization of public health issues. We call for professional study and analysis on prevention and treatment measures as well as virus tracing in a scientific manner, and firmly resist the stigmatization of other countries by using the pandemic situation as a pretext, and firmly reject comments and practices that discriminate against any country, region or ethnic group. We call on governments of all countries to take active measures to protect the safety and legitimate interests of foreign nationals and students abroad.

Fourth, we call on governments, people and NGOs of countries along the Belt and Road to work together to uphold multilateralism and build a community with a shared future for mankind. On global agenda such as public health, climate change, anti-terrorism and immigration, we should strengthen mutual support and assistance, pool global resources and capacities and push forward a more just and equitable global governance system through international cooperation and coordination in policy and efforts.

We believe that with the joint efforts of governments, people and NGOs around the world, we will surely overcome the pandemic at an early date. We are ready to strengthen cooperation and contribute to the building of a "Healthy Silk Road" for countries along the Belt and Road, promote the building of a global community of health and create a better future for mankind.

Silk Road NGO Cooperation Network

April 29, 2020

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